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Zoning: The Smarter Way to Heat and Cool Your St. Louis Home

July 8, 2015

If you want to enhance your temperature control and quality of life, then consider zoning your St. Louis home.

Living in Missouri has its perks, but it also means your home is exposed to some pretty extreme temperatures. Freezing cold old winters, hot and humid summers— even when you’re indoors, you can feel temperature differences. For example, even when you turn the heating up in the winter, your living room is colder than your upstairs hallway. And in the summer, despite your air conditioning, your upstairs bedrooms are still always warmer than you want them to be.

But that doesn’t have to be the case! In this blog from the SmartHouse team, we want to explain zoning and how it will benefit your St. Louis home.

Zoning: a Smart Solution

We mentioned that many homeowners will experience rooms and even floors that have completely different temperatures.

Of course, the above examples can be easily explained: heat rises, which makes it harder to heat a ground floor in the winter and easier to cool it in the summer. But depending on what type of home you live in, its construction can also play a role in temperature difference. A  home with large windows can be retain heat or be drafty, while the second floor of the home can get uncomfortable warm.  There may be a room at the far end of the home  from  the heating and cooling system where the air never seems to reach.

With zoning, you can change all of that!

During the zoning process, an HVAC professional effectively maps out the different temperature “zones” in your home and adapts your central air system accordingly. Motorized dampers are then added with separate thermostats for each zone to tell the air where you want it and when.  For example, it can send more cool air to the top floor in the summer, or keep more warm air in the living room in the winter months. That way, you’re home becomes far more comfortable—without you having to do a thing!

Benefits of Zoning

The benefits of zoning include:

  • Lower energy bills, since your home’s temperature regulation is adapted to the practical needs
  • Ease of use, since all you have to do is adjust the temperature for a particular zone
  • Increased health and comfort with balanced temperatures throughout the home

If you’re interested in how zoning can improve your home comfort and quality of life, then call SmartHouse. We can fill you in on all the details and provide you with a quote based on your home’s needs. Why wait any longer, when you can increase your comfort today?

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