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How Can a New Shower Head in St. Louis Save You Money?

October 23, 2015

Everyone loves saving money and some of the adjustments you can make in your home to lower utility bills are as simple as buying a new shower head in St. Louis. Most assume that converting to a low flow shower head means you will sacrifice that high pressure and flow you love, but that is not the case. When you upgrade your shower head, you’re adding a new level of comfort to your home to keep the whole family happy.

Many homes have shower heads that flow 3 gallons or more each minute. Newer low flow designs now use less water and provide that same high flow feel while reducing your usage to 1.5 gallons per minute.  You’re guaranteed better hot water for your morning shower for a longer period of time. What could possibly be better?

3 Ways to Save Money When Changing Your Shower Head:

1) Gas bills will be lowered because you will use less hot water.

2) Water bills will be lowered because you use less water.

3) Sewer bills will be lowered because they are tied to water use.

Why Should You Get a High Quality Shower Head?

It is important to buy a high quality shower head to experience comforting water pressure, while cheap ones sacrifice comfort. SmartHouse recommends the Roadrunner by Evolve. Conservation occurs without changing shower feel, flow or even your morning routine. What we love about this model is the integrated ShowerStart Thermostatic Shut-off Valve (TSV). This innovative technology allows you to conserve hot water and energy that is used while waiting for your shower to become warm and also lets you know when your shower is ready. Evolve shower heads are available for purchase online. Discover more at thinkevolve.com

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