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Ensure Reliable Heating with SmartHouse Furnace Maintenance!

October 7, 2015

The average lifespan of your furnace ranges around 15 to 20 years and while your furnace can still work well, it faces a higher risk of breakdowns as it advances in age.  Furnace maintenance helps get ahead of any needed repairs and keeps your system running as efficiently as possible.

Our furnace experts will come to your home to carefully inspect your furnace to make sure it’s in working order, ironing out any kinks and bugs to help avoid any problems with your heating system from worsening.   Perhaps most important, every SmartHouse maintenance visit focuses on ensuring safe operation and proper exhaust of combustion gases.   With a SmartHouse furnace maintenance, you can help ensure safe and reliable heating and comfort throughout the winter, even during the coldest days of the year.

Here’s what we do…

  • Check thermostat batteries and change as needed
  • Check cycle settings and operation of thermostat.
  • Check for proper voltage and amperature draw of system
  • Inspect system for signs of water damage or rust
  • Clean and check pilot light assembly
  • Inspect air filter and replace if needed (tune up includes 1” filter. Other at additional charge)
  • Clean external surfaces
  • Check condition of blower and motor
  • Make sure blower is working to capacity
  • Lubricate motor and all blower bearings as needed
  • Inspect belt condition and tension
  • Test operation and safety of burners and heat exchanger
  • Inspect heat exchanger for cracks or air disturbance
  • Inspect and vacuum heat exchanger
  • Inspect and clean burner assembly
  • Set burner for high efficiency
  • Inspect flue pipe for safely; check for any holes or blockages to verify draft
  • Check gas pressures and adjust for best efficiency
  • Inspect proper operation of all safety control
  • Check gas valve operation
  • Clean and inspect combustion chamber as needed

The Benefits of Our Furnace Maintenance

Furnace maintenance from SmartHouse provides several benefits to improve life in your household. Here’s what furnace maintenance from one of our many professionals can do for you:

  • Lower Energy Costs: The real downside of a faulty furnace is the higher energy costs, which can really put a dent in your savings. The older a furnace becomes, the more likely it is to use a higher amount of energy. You shouldn’t have to deal with high prices when trying to receive the basic necessity of heating, which is why our furnace maintenance aims to lower energy costs with a more efficiently running furnace.
  • Lower Chance of Breakdowns: Breakdowns can occur when you least expect them, leaving you scrambling to find the savings and the resources to get it repaired. However, furnace maintenance from SmartHouse will help keep these sometimes stressful situations down to a minimum. We’ll lower the chance of breakdowns and raise the performance of your furnace.
  • Longer-Lasting Heating: No doubt, you need heating at all times during the fall and winter’s chilliest days. Our furnace maintenance will help to ensure the heat keeps coming, especially when you need to rely on it the most.
  • Safety:  A gas furnace is a combustion appliance and as such must be inspected to ensure that exhaust gases are safely vented to the outside of your home and never allowed to mix with the air you breathe.

Don’t risk being left in the cold once temperatures outdoors reach below freezing! Contact SmartHouse (314) 644-1570 for furnace maintenance today and you’ll receive these benefits and so much more!

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