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Not All ‘Energy Audits’ are Created Equal

December 11, 2012

It is happy news that more and more people are choosing to order an energy audit of their home. By correcting issues identified in the course of an audit, homeowners can save a lot of money on utility bills while also improving the comfort of their homes and reducing their carbon footprint.

The only problem is knowing who should handle your energy audit so your know the service you’re getting is worthwhile. Our professionals want to ensure you get the qualified help you need!

How to Choose an Energy Audit Professional

Here are a few tips for selecting an auditor for your home…

  1. Make sure that the energy auditor will be performing a “full” audit of your home. Just because they have a certification doesn’t mean that they will use all of the tools and invest all of the time necessary to give you the full value of an audit.
  2. Ask if the auditor will be conducting a “Blower Door” test. This test is required under the protocol endorsed by the state and is an
    important part of getting a good result. If the auditor does not intend to employ a blower door then you are not getting a complete energy audit.
  3. Ask if the auditor will will using a thermal imaging camera. While not required under the Missouri protocol, thermal imaging is a huge “value added” procedure that helps the auditor provide you with the most specific and valid information.
  4. Also, ask how much experience the auditor has. While training and testing is important, experience is also a key factor. You really want to find someone that has completed at least 25 or 30 audits to make sure they have adequate field experience.

Or, just call SmartHouse. Our auditors are certified by the Building Performance Institute. Also, we’re members of the federal government’s “Home Performance with Energy Star” program and also partner with the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Earthways Center.

Call the SmartHouse home performance experts for a qualified energy audit today!

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