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Ecobee Wi-Fi Thermostats: The Latest in AC Control

July 1, 2015

Particularly in the St. Louis summertime, many homeowners find themselves constantly adjusting their thermostats. Are you one of them?

There’s a very careful balance to maintain: on the one hand, you don’t want to waste energy, but on the other hand, you and your family need to stay cool! Having to turn the AC on and off repeatedly throughout the course of the day can be frustrating, and it creates high energy bills while leaving your home uncomfortable — that’s why Ecobee has introduced its own wi-fi enabled “smart” thermostat!

What Makes a “Smart” Thermostat Smart?

You can control your Ecobee wi-fi thermostat from your phone — pretty high tech! But what makes a wi-fi thermostat a smart investment? At SmartHouse, we believe in applying state-of-the-art solutions not just for technologies sake but because they save you time and money while keeping you more comfortable.

And that’s exactly what the Ecobee thermostat is designed to do!

Here are the top three reasons an investment in an Ecobee is well worth your consideration:

  • Convenience– Control your AC or heating system from your desktop, laptop, and even your phone! Your Ecobee creates a customized profile of your home, allowing you to have more comfort where it matters and less fiddling with the thermostat.
  • Efficiency– Here at SmartHouse, we’re always looking for new ways to save energy and promote more efficient and eco-friendly living. With the Ecobee wifi thermostat, you can pre-set temperatures throughout the day so that your AC automatically switches based on the your schedule. The Ecobee also uses a remote sensor to detect which rooms are occupied while it distributes cool air. By knowing exactly when and where you need comfortable cooling, the Ecobee saves money on cooling you don’t need! In fact, Ecobee owners save an average of 23% on energy per year.
  • Performance– This highly advanced thermostat doesn’t just offer superior programming: it’s built to provide superior performance and comfort year round. The Ecobee has received rave reviews from technology critics as well as several Editor’s Choice awards. It truly is the future of heating and cooling!

Request a Quote on an Ecobee Thermostat

With the Ecobee wi-fi thermostat, you can count on more efficient, more affordable, and more reliable temperature control year round. Call SmartHouse to request an Ecobee thermostat installation in St. Louis today!

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