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SmartHouse Projects: Ductwork Installation for Frontenac Home

June 17, 2015

Here at SmartHouse, we’re always excited to help out with new construction projects in St. Louis, especially when they’re through our partners at R.E.A. Homes. Currently, we’re working on a home located in Frontenac: we’re installing the heating and cooling systems for this home from scratch. This installation is ENERGY STAR certified, which means it not only meets all of the qualifications for local codes but also hugely surpasses normal standards for energy efficiency and quality.

So how do the St. Louis home performance experts of SmartHouse make sure that a heating system will provide clean, crisp, correctly controlled air from the day it’s installed? Part of the key is building return vents, a critical step that many home contractors skip when installing ductwork. Marc Bluestone, owner of SmartHouse Home Performance, explains the importance of return ducting in the following video.

To learn more about what’s happening at SmartHouse, stay in tune with our blog, and don’t forget to visit us at the Green Homes Festival this coming Saturday! If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your home, call SmartHouse for a home performance audit today.

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