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Making Good out of Bad: Handling your Air Conditioner Replacement with SmartHouse

Explore your AC replacement opportunities with SmartHouse
June 1, 2017

At SmartHouse, we understand you may be calling us when you’re experiencing a bad day – having an air conditioner that stops functioning can add insult to injury when your home or business doesn’t have a company ready to exceed your expectations for repair or replacement. We also understand the discomfort that our Midwest temperatures can bring when you’re without a working AC! The unexpected cost of an air conditioner replacement can add stress to the equation when you are unsure of what to expect, weary of cost comparison, and in need of solutions fast.
SmartHouse is ready to help by providing you both fast relief and the comfort of knowing you’ve made a Smart decision. Here are the upsides to appreciate about your Air Conditioner Replacement:

You’re In Control

When you’re considering your air conditioning replacement options, you’re in the driver’s seat. You now have lots of options to consider when imagining how you’d like your home to feel. In our humid climate, SmartHouse understands what it’s like to feel crisp, clean, cool air when you walk in the door. You should be armed with all of your options and considerations when making the investment to replace your HVAC unit! In a consumer’s market, we are more than happy to offer a second opinion to other companies so you know you’re not going to be taken for a ride with unnecessary or hidden costs.

Updated Technology

With the lifespan of a properly installed and maintained unit around 15 – 20 years, there’s a strong chance that the technology available on the market now has far surpassed the industry standard from more than a decade – or even two – ago! You now have the chance to make decisions for your comfort for the next two decades. SmartHouse is here to help you make educated decisions, even at a time when your comfort may be compromised.
Taking advantage of our partnership with Carrier is an incredibly easy way to make sure your home is equipped with savvy features that can keep you comfortable reliably and even increase the value of your home. Carrier offers several models with many features that can keep your home comfortable – even when you’re not there! With smartphone technology and mobile connectivity, SmartHouse is here to help you stay up to date on what’s on the market.

Opportunity to Upgrade

If your unit was not properly sized or if the size parameters of your home have changed (say, from an addition to your house or another floor), your air conditioner may not have been able to handle the airspace you need to heat or cool. Assessing the size of your home and perfectly matching you to the best unit for your needs is our top priority at SmartHouse. With the opportunity to replace your air conditioner, you now have an opportunity to more easily meet your cooling demands. If upgrading your system means a more appropriately sized unit, you may be in for saving some money, too! Enjoying comfort with upgraded technology can also mean that you enjoy smartphone-like touch screens and remote accessibility from our line of Carrier products – now that’s a Smart investment!
Upgrading your unit involves installation by a professional. SmartHouse is ACCA certified, making sure that your installation is handled up to the quality standards of our certifying associations. An improperly installed unit will diminish the efficiency that it may be capable of – put yourself in the hands of experienced and trusted professionals for this investment.

Improve Your Efficiency

Changing out your air conditioner also gives you the tools to reduce cost and increase efficiency. Cooling and heating your home can be a large expense, but technology has given us several options that allow you to save money and even lower the costs of maintaining a temperature in your home. Reducing your energy waste, shrinking your carbon footprint, and lowering your bills are all side effects of installing a more efficient unit.

Protect Your Investment

Our SmartCare Annual Service Plans allow you to stress less about maintaining optimal performance on your air conditioner once it’s installed. With twice-yearly maintenance included, protecting your investment has never been easier to manage, where our technicians and agents will help you stay up to date on the status and function of your unit.
We are not just a business in the operation of sales – we are in the business of serving our customers with solutions and service that meet your goals and exceed your expectations.

Call SmartHouse today to talk with a representative about how to make the most out of your air conditioner replacement!


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