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Our goal is to be an industry leader in “Home Performance Contracting”, to deliver superior home performance solutions, service and value to our customers, rewarding opportunities for our people and to improve the world we live in.

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The SmartHouse brand was born with hope that you will feel our knowledge, training, positive attitude toward service and business ethics make us the “Smart Choice” for all of your heating, cooling, efficiency and comfort needs.

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We are far from the only St. Louis-area home improvement and heating and cooling company.

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SmartHouse is dedicated to delivering reliable quality at the best possible price.

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SmartHouse offers an extensive array of heating, cooling, diagnostic and improvement services for both existing homes and new construction jobs.

October 15, 2014

3 Troubleshooting Tips for a Gas Furnace in St. Louis

Here at SmartHouse, our home performance experts are always ready to answer your emergency calls.  We have live assistants on our phones 24/7 to field your questions and deliver our promise of immediate response.  A service professional will arrive at your home promptly and in a fully-stocked truck, completely prepared for whatever heating problem you have! But if you're a hands-on sort of person and you want to be able to do something in the event that you should lose heat ... Read More
October 13, 2014

Heat Pump Replacement in St. Louis

For those who are not aware what a heat pump is, they are a kind of home heating system that utilizes a small amount of energy to move heat from a “heat source” like the air or ground and into a “heat sink” like your home. What makes heat pumps so exceptional, though, is that they can be reversed to function as an air conditioning unit, as well. Despite what you may have heard before, heat pumps can be a highly ... Read More
October 9, 2014

Natural Gas Heating in St. Louis

Natural Gas Furnace Heating Options in St. Louis

In regard to your natural gas furnace, you have a number of options to choose from. Natural gas furnaces come in many shapes and sizes, so finding the right system to fit your size and style of household is certainly important for optimizing your costs and your heating efficiency during the winter season. In the United States, there is no popular heating system out there than those that use natural gas. Natural gas is ... Read More