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The SmartHouse brand was born with hope that you will feel our knowledge, training, positive attitude toward service and business ethics make us the “Smart Choice” for all of your heating, cooling, efficiency and comfort needs.

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We are far from the only St. Louis-area home improvement and heating and cooling company.

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SmartHouse offers an extensive array of heating, cooling, diagnostic and improvement services for both existing homes and new construction jobs.

November 24, 2014

Why Choose SmartHouse for Your Furnace Replacement?

If you live in the St. Louis, Missouri area and you are considering a furnace replacement, SmartHouse would really appreciate the chance to earn your business! At SmartHouse, the first step, done before any installation begins, is to perform an evaluation and estimate process. A technician will come to your home and start by asking a few questions. These questions will help us figure out what systems to recommend to you, and what changes we may need to make during the ... Read More
November 20, 2014

How To Choose A New Furnace For Your St. Louis Home

The purchase of a new furnace is a major investment. Unfortunately, since many furnace replacements are done on an emergency basis, too many homeowners make quick decisions rather than smart and informed choices. I hope this article will provide you with information to help make the most of your investment. There are several issues to consider in choosing a new furnace. While there is a tendency to simply choose a model equivalent to the one you are replacing, that ignores ... Read More
November 18, 2014

What Size Furnace Do You Need?

In our years of providing HVAC service to the people of St. Louis, we have found two things to be true...
  1. Most furnaces in homes are not the right size for the home.
  2. Most furnaces are replaced with a new furnace of the same size. Sometimes it is replaced by an even larger one due to the ill applied "bigger is better" mentality.
For that reason, I would recommend that any furnace replacement be combined with a proper look at furnace sizing. Furnace ... Read More