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Our goal is to be an industry leader in “Home Performance Contracting”, to deliver superior home performance solutions, service and value to our customers, rewarding opportunities for our people and to improve the world we live in.

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The SmartHouse brand was born with hope that you will feel our knowledge, training, positive attitude toward service and business ethics make us the “Smart Choice” for all of your heating, cooling, efficiency and comfort needs.

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We are far from the only St. Louis-area home improvement and heating and cooling company, but homeowners choose our services because they know we stand behind our work. Experience the SmartHouse difference today!

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SmartHouse is dedicated to delivering reliable quality at the best possible price. We always offer multiple options for improving the efficiency and affordability of your home, and our experts will be there to guide you to the most cost-effective solutions.

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SmartHouse offers an extensive array of heating, cooling, diagnostic and improvement services for both existing homes and new construction jobs. We perform energy audits, home performance evaluations, insulation and air sealing, and other home efficiency services!

July 22, 2015

Ask the St. Louis AC Experts: Why is My 2nd Floor So Hot?

You may have noticed this phenomenon in your home this summer: the first floor gets nice and cool when you have the AC running, but the second floor stays hot! When you try to turn up the AC to make your second floor more comfortable, you wind up making the first floor too cold and paying too much on your energy bills. Why does this happen, and more importantly, how can you fix the problem? The SmartHouse Home Performance specialists are here ... Read More
July 15, 2015

St. Louis Emergency AC Service: Cooling Tips From The Experts

When you wake up feeling hot or come home to a humid house, you feel desperate. AC repair seems like a huge hassle, and what if you need your whole air conditioner replaced? It's a sweaty mess of a situation...but it doesn't have to be! At SmartHouse, we offer 24/7 emergency response to air conditioning repair in St. Louis. You can call anytime you have a problem, and we'll be there to help! When you work with our licensed professionals, you'll never ... Read More
July 8, 2015

Zoning: The Smarter Way to Heat and Cool Your St. Louis Home

If you want to enhance your temperature control and quality of life, then consider zoning your St. Louis home. Living in Missouri has its perks, but it also means your home is exposed to some pretty extreme temperatures. Freezing cold old winters, hot and humid summers— even when you’re indoors, you can feel temperature differences. For example, even when you turn the heating up in the winter, your living room is colder than your upstairs hallway. And in the summer, despite your air ... Read More